The Red Hand of Doom

Character Creation

Things to Know

Alright, I thought I would get all the details of this put together in one place for you guys, especially since I have refined some of the details since I may have talked to you last:

So we will be starting at Level 6.

  • 30 point but for stats (After long deliberation I bumped it up)
  • 4 Magic Items:
    1 at lvl 7, 1 at lvl 6, one at lvl 5, and one at lvl 4
  • Two potions:
    one at lvl 1 and one up to lvl 2
  • 1500 for mundane Gear (*cough mount *cough)

In terms of classes and races, I am fairly open, but if it is out of left field run it by me so that I can vet it.
I am hoping you guys have a bit of the back story filled out, and perhaps an idea of why you are here in this area. I will/ am willing to run a ‘gang gets together’ encounter early in January before we start the campaign proper. Details to come!

  • Please upload your characters to the portal **



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