Grimbold Oathbreaker

Dwarf Fighter


Grimbold Oathbreaker is an aging dwarf who has lived in Brindol for longer than the average human can remember. He is of slightly taller than average height for a dwarf (4’ 7") and seems to be quite bulky. Grimbold’s most notable feature is his hair: it is pure white, and has a sort of Albert Einstein quality to it, giving him a perpetual wind-swept look. His beard now falls below his knees, and is as white as his hair. However, while his hair is crazy and unkept, his beard is perfectly maintained, with intricate braids and precious metals for decoration. Grimbold is never seen without his dull, iron gray armor, which looks as battered as he does.

Grimbold has lived in Brindol for around 150 years. He is well known by most citizens as a bodyguard/mercenary, frequently hired by merchants to escort caravans or provide personal protection for a time. His prowess in battle is well remarked upon, although to be fair his reputation is more that of someone who can take a hell of a beating and keep on going rather than as an extremely skilled warrior. Grimbold is now often seen in the company of Athuriel, a cleric of Pelor and a skilled healer. The two actually live together in a small hut near the Shrine of the Sun. Grimbold has taken no contracts since he appeared in town six years ago carrying the broken, battered, and bleeding body of Athuriel, and has acted as a personal bodyguard for the cleric ever since.

Grimbold is not well liked by most who know him, due to his rather cold and unfriendly manner. He always introduces himself (when pressed) as Grimbold Oathbreaker, but he becomes extremely agitated and gruff if someone asks about his surname. Although Brindol has a decently sized dwarven community, Grimbold goes out of his way to avoid any other Dwarf he might meet. He also is noted as being the only dwarf in town who refused to touch alcohol, and he frequently makes loud complaints about the dangers of the six taverns in town. When particularly agitated, he has been known to provoke bloody and brutal fights in the taverns, doing as much damage to the patrons as possible, short of actually killing them.


Grimbold only shares his history with his friends.

Grimbold Oathbreaker

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