This order has ancient roots. Few outsiders know what the founding principles are or the origins of this order. And certainly the Oathsworn have never been forthcoming on this issue.. What is known is that during the Korian Empire this organization rose to prominence, becoming semiofficial guardians of stability throughout the empire.

Oathsworn were, during the empire, often assigned as Patrol commanders, Guard Commandants, garrison commanders, or granted a minor lordship and charged with keeping a region, town, or trade route safe. Names such as Grey Keep, Karth’s Outlook, the Rock, Pinnacle Tower, and Vraath Keep have been associated with this order.

During the collapse of the Korian Empire, members of the order attempted to preserve what stability they could, forming an alliance to restore leadership to the rudderless empire, and avert its collapse at the hands of a hundred thousand feuding lords. However, a cabal of feuding warlords banded together and crushed this alliance in a bloody battle of at Grey Keep, now known as Blood Keep.

The few remaining Oathsworn continued to preserve what stability they could. Some led small bands of soldiers or adventures, seeking to destroy what evils they could. Others took up positions of leadership, or continued in them, at the edges of what had been the Korian Empire, in places to far removed to be of immediate attention of the feuding lords. Here these Oathsworn carved out small kingdoms or city-states.
Today, few members of the order are known, or at least few openly proclaim, but they could be powerful allies.


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