Party Inventory

10, +1 magical hobo gobo short swords
1 scroll of animal messanger
1 scroll of endure elements

Staff of life, resurrection 1 charge

Bailey has a +1 short sword as well but probably forgot because he did not write it down

Basket of everlasting provisions
Ritual candle, unlimited, +2 to rituals

Jar Jar of Steam
Letter written in Goblin

Deed of Vraath Keep, Lord of Witchwood

Nice box
Lead-iron box

Dragon heads: purple, green, black, white, brown, gray

Owed: 500gp from Lord Jermath each and vote to be enobled plus supplies

7 black pearls worth 500 gp each
35 lbs leonine art 1400 gp
Gold Necklace 8,000 gp
6 pearls from the dragon
6 gems worth 16 gp each
16,712 sp
8353 gp
500 pp

Party Inventory

The Red Hand of Doom orrykl