The Silver Sentinels

The civilized folk of Elsir Vale had no clue what was coming their way. The goblinoid army sent well trained scouts ahead to silence any that might alert the vale to their approach. But the vale was not without it’s own skilled warriors. A band of adventurers hailing from Brindol was exploring ruins at the base of the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, Vraath Keep. These adventurers, who would later be known as the Silver Sentinels, were no match for the army they soon discovered. They were however enough to slow the army & buy their homeland some time to prepare. The small band of men & women destroyed the ancient dwarven bridge at Skull Gorge and set off to warn Drellin’s Ferry and the vale. In the weeks to come, not much stood a chance against the thousands of goblinoid troops with their warpriests and dragons. A few brave souls managed to slow the army at a river or mountain pass, but often at the cost of their lives. During this time, the Silver Sentinels proved themselves valiant defenders of the people. They led raids on the Red Hand supply lines, garnered allies from neighboring elven and dwarven settlements, and ruined more than a few of Azarr Kul’s war plans.

As time went on though, it was evident that not even the Silver Sentinels could stop the advancing army. It spread through the eastern plains of the vale, right to the gates of Brindol. The little walled city was the first real obstacle the army had faced. They laid seige to the town and wore down it’s defenses day after day. Then something amazing happened. The leaders of the army reverted to fighting amongst themselves. Battalion commanders began vying for control of the army. The leadership tore itself apart. The great army split apart with many heading back to the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. The Lion Guard of Brindol, Tiri Kitor Hunters, Hammer Guard, and others quickly shifted to the offensive. The goblinoid tribes were at war now with foes on several fronts. The Red Hand was crushed.

Shortly thereafter, the Silver Sentinels reappeared, hauling fabulous loot and prominently displaying the body of Azarr Kul. They had skirted around the main army and ventured all the way to the Fane of Tiamat in the heart of the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. There they laid waste to the clergy & warpriests and packed all the valuables they could carry. By some miracle, they even stumbled upon Azarr Kul on their way back. It was an epic battle as the two groups crossed blades & magic flew. Two of the heroes lost their lives, and several others were seriously wounded, but in the end they won through & the dragon-king fell. Stories of these brave heroes spread like wildfire, spurring the good people of the vale to further action. The military forces, as meager as they were, went on the hunt and killed hundreds upon hundreds of goblinoids. The Silver Sentinels even brought down Tyrgarun the blue dragon, their third dragon kill in as many months.

The war came to a halt. People returned home and rebuilt. Life in the vale would eventually return to normal.

And what of the Silver Sentinels? They worked alongside their neighbors and friends, restoring what they could. Until finally, there was nothing left for them to do in the vale. They were wealthy heroes, retired adventurers, middle aged now, some with families. Several of them settled down in the vale and lived out their years in peace. Others would never settle down, and so they moved on in search of some new adventure in far off lands, never to return to their humble birthplace in Elsir Vale.

The Silver Sentinels included seven members:
-Omar Tobias (male elven ranger)
-Arizel Storm (male dragonborn paladin of bahamut)
-Slade Gunter (male dwarf fighter)
-Breya Fariza (female halfling wizard)
-Damon Marvis (male warforged warlord)

The Silver Sentinels

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