Li'eck Vuori

Human barbarian and tribal leader


“Barbarian” only in battle, Li’eck Vuori (lit. Flame of the Mountain People) carries himself as a respectable chief of a minor mountain people. Those in town who consider him foolish, wild or uncultured by reputation are surprised when they see him in the flesh giving advice to town counselors, entertaining the learned with his wit, and walking down through the market in rich fabrics. Li’eck comes to larger settlements 2 or 3 times a year with a small entourage for trading purposes (usually furs, exotic materials, and trophies). Since he and his people also guard the civilized areas from wild beasts and monstrous humanoids, Li’eck often takes the time to consult military officers when he is in town. In his tribe, he has ruled for 14 years, ever since his 24th year. He has one son named Minun about to enter his early manhood (roughly 12 years old) who has seen little of the civilized world. Li’eck’s sister, Tekeme, co-rules with Li’eck, and takes complete control when he is away.

Li’eck is a hunter by nature and upbringing. He is swift and cunning with massive muscles and sharp eyes. His longspear, made of silver and a relic of his family line (though not the tribal leaders exactly) was made over a hundred years ago by a shaman ancestor who wanted his children to always be ready no matter the threat. As such, the weapon, known as Foul-Fiender (a corruption of “fault-finder”) can transform into any melee weapon the wielder chooses, though Li’eck often prefers its original longspear form.

Li’eck is generally noble and attempts to cultivate a reputation for fairness, honor, and largess. Though his people are few and not rich, Li’eck treats them (and himself) as if they were worthy of immense pride. He will rarely outright kill a civilized humanoid when it is unnecessary, unless in war. Beasts and monstrous humanoids, however, he has battled all his life and has few qualms about finishing them off. He hopes to instruct his son to be a better hunter, to raise the esteem of his people, to gain glory for himself, and to keep the land safe from wild threats.

Li'eck Vuori

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