Piran Fharlanghn

Invoker of Avandra (Human)


Piran is a human of slightly below-average height and build and appears to be in his mid-20s. His short brown hair would be totally unexceptional if not for the oddly freshly-showered look they always seem to posses. Indeed, his clothing (a not-too-loose open-front brown wizard style robes over hide armor) constantly appears new as well. It is only the many odd trinkets, goggles, bands, packs and other items pinned and looped in a seemingly random but comfortable way all over his torso that gives him something of a messy look. A small backpack is usually somewhere in the mix with an understated symbol of the goddess Avandra on it. He carries a staff that appears to most to look like a large and worn-smooth walking stick, slightly taller than Piran.

Piran is an invoker imbued with a fragment of Avandra’s power. At a young age he bade his farmer parents farewell and (with that ever present smile) left their home to begin his travels. He has always known he has a strong connection to Avandra, though she never speaks to him directly, instead influencing his desires and behaviors through feelings and intuition. Piran is always kind to merchants, adventurers and all wayward goodly folk who travel and is always ready to help those in need. His upbeat attitude does not detract from his formidable power and he has no qualms using force when necessary. By no means uncomfortable in the cities, Piran has never truly become “wild,” and tries to maintain ties to the kind peoples of civilized lands. Still, he seems inexorably pushed to explore new places, especially spots of magical or ancient origin. Sometimes, Piran suspects he serves as a sort of investigator for the goddess, locating hidden places of knowledge and power.


No one in the Vale is sure exactly when Piran Fharlanghn arrived in the area. For years rumors circulated among the various merchants and townsfolk of an eccentric looking man striding purposefully down roads, across fields or up mountains often with a large smile plastered on his face. These rumors continued until one day a merchant arrived in Brindol with an odd story. A wheel on the merchant’s wagon broke and while attempting to fix it he became surrounded by a group of bandits. As he tearfully began handing over his goods a strange man emerged from the nearby forest, walking with the quick but unhurried purpose of a man who is slightly late for dinner. Assessing the situation the odd man stopped and waved his walking stick at the bandits…suddenly a bright flash of light and intense heat filled the merchant’s senses. When his vision cleared the bandits had dropped his goods and were quickly running back into the forest. Smiling once more the strange man seemed to push his arm further into his backpack then should have been possible. Pulling out some tools, he helped the merchant repair his wheel, picked up his stick and continued walking the same direction he started, leaving the merchant flabbergasted. From that day, more stories came to town of people being helped by this man with some simply referring to him as “the wandering wizard.” Recently, some lost youths even came across his camp and returned to Brindol happily stating that he has an odd collection of knick-knacks, each with (in their young estimation) a funny story attached!

Piran Fharlanghn

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